Romance (71)

These books are available for lending, but at the request of the donor, these books are meant to be purchased and the money donated to charity.  I will accept whatever price you see fit, but 10 Dirhams has been the suggested price for most of these.

Bluebirds in the Spring – Jeanne Allan

Tangling with Webb – Laine Allen

Summer Rainfall – Kerry Allyne

Tree of Paradise – Jane Arbor

Anatomy of Love (medical romance) – Margaret Barker

Tight-Fitting Jeans – Mary Lynn Baxter

Kowhai Country – Gloria Bevan

Just Say Yes – Dixie Browning

Always Yours – Mary Burchell

Walk into Tomorrow – Rosemary Carter

A Place of Wild Honey – Ann Charlton

A Ruling Passion – Daphne Clair

Romancing Charlie – Hilary Cole

Repentant Angel (medical romance) – Lynn Collins

The Kurranulla Round – Dorothy Cork

The Duke – Catherine Coulter

One Step to Paradise – Jasmine Craig

Love and Other Surprises – Kathleen Creighton

What’s Right – Melinda Cross

Treasures of the Heart – Andrea Davidson

Blossoming Love – Deborah Davis

Second Chance at Love – Delaney Devers

Family Matters (medical romance) Angela Devine

Meant to Marry – Robyn Donald

Dark Liasons – Jill Downie

Takeover Engagement – Elizabeth Duke

All for Caroline – Sarah Franklin

September Rainbow – Sibylle Garrett

The Lynmara Legacy – Catherine Gaskin

Spirit of Love – Emma Goldrick

The Everywhere Man – Victoria Gordon

Love They Neighbor – Victoria Gordon

A Taste of Heaven – Carol Grace

Island of Shells – Grace Green

Emma’s War – Lucy Hamilton

The Real Thing – Lucy Hamilton

The House of A Thousand Lanterns – Victoria Holt

Shining Threads – Audrey Howard

Meant to Be – Janice Kaiser

Just One Look – Barbara Kaye

I’ll Take Manhattan – Judith Krantz

Tempting Fate – Risa Kirk

Himalayan Moonlight – Roumelia Lane

An Affair to Forget – Rachel Lindsay

River’s Dream – Virginia Lynn

The Valley of Palms – Jean S. MacLeod

Illusion of Paradise – Joanna Mansell

Bitter Memories – Margaret Mayo

Through the Looking Glass – Joyce McGill

A Hint of Rapture – Mariam Minger

Shadowed Promises, Dark Desire – Vickie Moore

Phantom Lover – Susan Napier

Dearest Love – Betty Neels

Crimson Rivers – Virginia Nielson

Too Good to be True – Sheila O’Flanagan

Not Without Honor – Marilyn Pappano

Promise at Midnight – Lilian Peake

Laird of Doorn – Sue Peters

New Moon Rising – Eugenia Price

The Unsuspecting Father – Kate Proctor

One Golden Hour – Maureen Reynolds

Bride for a Year – Kathryn Ross

Only til Dawn – Esther Sager

Play Our Song Again – Lynsey Stevens

No Yesterdays – Sheila Strutt

Golden Lies – Terri Valentine

Love Beyond Reason – Karen van der Zee

Love’s Golden Promise – Lynette Vinei

Once Burned – Margaret Way

The Singing Tree – Anne Weale

Untamed Melody – Quinn Wilder

One in a Million – Lee Williams

Want to borrow (or buy) one of these books?  Just send me this form with your name, email address, the book you want, and the best time/place to pick it up. I’ll contact you back to let you know if it works for me too.


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